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While taste is arguably a subjective experience, scientists at the Institute of Biomaterials and Bioengineering at Tokyo Medical and Dental University, recently weighed in on the matter. Using an imaging device called a sniff-cam, Professor Kohji Mitsubayashi and his team mapped out the distribution of ethanol vaporizing from differently-shaped glasses.

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As wine warms up, molecules move up. The red color, captured by the sniff-cam, shows high intensities of ethanol vaporizing in different glasses containing wine served at 13 degrees Celsius. In one part of the study , three types of glasses -- a standard wine glass, a straight glass and a cocktail glass were trialled. When the same amount of wine was poured into each of these glasses, and examined at a temperature of 13 degrees Celsius, the images revealed that a ring-shaped vapor pattern appeared at the edges of the wine glass.

Mitsubayashi explains that this ring-shaped pattern allows drinkers to appreciate the wine, without the smell of ethanol -- which is likened to the smell of vodka -- interfering. That interference is captured by the sniff-cam, showing higher intensities of ethanol vapor, in the other two glasses.

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Which of these glass shapes is best for a Pinot Noir? See Georg Riedel's answer in the gallery above. So should all passionate wine drinkers rush to line their cupboards with premium glass? A post shared by Local Libations local.

Can the shape and design of a glass affect the taste of wine?

Just as likely to be called a collins glass or even a delmonico, highball glasses are narrow, circular glass towers with tall, straight walls. Highballs are used to serve up cocktails that traditionally are made with one part alcohol and three parts mixer, topped off with ice. With that said, you certainly could still drink a cocktail served straight up from a highball, but why would you want to?

Straight, vertical sided glasses trick our brains into experiencing high levels of sourness , even in cocktails lacking in acid. There's something quite beautiful about the whiskytasting glass created by theglencairnglass as a more drinker-friendly copita. What's in your glass this evening?

Choosing The RIght Glass to Taste Tequila

A post shared by The Whisky Ramble whiskytasting on Jun 21, at Seen by many as the Rolls Royce of glasses when it comes time to enjoy a whisky, the Glencairn glass features a relatively wide bowl that flares back inward as the walls climb to a high, narrower edge. The design is meant to unlock and then collect the aromas carefully layered within bourbons and scotches, kicking off every sip with a long sensory experience in your nostrils before the hooch ever hits your lips. A Drinkhacker taste test of the same whiskey in three different glasses found that the Glencairn unveiled rich notes of coffee and amaro that were lacking entirely from the other glasses.

Glencairn glasses impart earthiness and richness missing from cocktails served in other vessels.

A post shared by Jennifer Mitchell jennifermitchellphotography on Jun 18, at 8: Originally just called a martini glasses, Nick and Nora glasses borrowed their modern name from the detective flick, The Thin Man. Nick and Nora glasses behave like martini glasses dialed up to ten. Cocktails are kept doubly cool by the long neck, and the more concentrated shape of the bowl. These factors combine to actually dilute the flavors of a drink, instead pumping up the taste of the alcohol present. Thanks for signing up.

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  7. How a penny can save your spoiled bottle of wine. I'm worried this will rob the bacchus of its characteristic zing, which, in an ordinary wine glass has me puckering up like a Hollywood starlet, but actually it simply delays my perception of the acidity, which means I appreciate the wine's other flavours as well. Interesting, but nothing on the larger white glass. The effect on an Australian chardonnay is startling — out of the standard glass it's dull and heavy, reminiscent of a hundred underwhelming pub pours, but the design of the tailored glass spreads it evenly around my mouth, bringing out far more exciting flavours of pineapple, smoke, even minerality.

    Parker describes it as "a more complex experience in the mouth", and it's true — like the smallest red glass, which smooths the tannins of an own-label claret, or the space-age medium version, which points up the red fruit in a beaujolais, these really do seem to bring out the best in the wines they're designed to flatter. Obviously such glasses can't change the taste of a wine, but they can alter our perception of it. The Wine Advocate's Robert Parker has described the difference Riedel's glasses can make as "profound", while Victoria Moore says in her book, How to Drink that, after experimentation, she's been forced to admit that buying an expensive bottle of wine without decent glasses to drink it out of "would be like buying a state-of-the-art sound system and fitting it to cheap speakers.

    How different cocktail glasses affect the way you taste

    Not everyone's convinced however. The Oxford Companion to Wine's Jancis Robinson and Hugh Johnson acknowledge the subtle differences made by glassware but maintain such things are strictly for "purists". This newspaper's Fiona Beckett agrees that it isn't something everyday drinkers should worry about "unless you're crazy about a certain type of wine eg burgundy and want it to show at its best. Even champagne flutes, the most mainstream of the specialist glasses, are of debated worth.

    I'm pretty sure that the right glassware can't make a bad wine good, but it can make a good wine more enjoyable.